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Why “Dance of Dreams”?

The name “Dance of Dreams” comes from a metaphorical comparison of life to dance and from the reference to the fulfillment of dreams and passions.

  1. Dance as a metaphor for life: Dance is often used as a metaphor for life because of its dynamism, beauty, and variety of movements. Similarly to dance, in life, we experience various movements, changes in tempo, and harmony, which can reflect the diversity of experiences, challenges, and successes we encounter in life.
  2. Dreams as a goal: Dreams are a central idea that we pursue in life. Similar to dance, which requires determination, effort, and sacrifice to achieve mastery, realizing dreams also requires work and dedication. “Dance of Dreams” emphasizes the idea that life can be interpreted as a continuous pursuit of achieving dreams, which is a key message of the project.
  3. Inspiration and motivation: The name “Dance of Dreams” aims to inspire and motivate young girls to boldly pursue their dreams and passions. By telling the stories of women who have overcome adversity and achieved their goals, the book becomes a kind of “dance guide” that leads readers towards realizing their own dreams

In this way, the name “Dance of Dreams” captures the essence of the project, emphasizing both its main message and the passion with which each story is told.

The Power of Inspiration

Have you ever dreamed of a book that not only inspires but also provokes action? “Dream Dance” is more than just a collection of stories; it is a manifesto of the strength, determination, and dreams of every woman. It is a journey through the stories of unyielding women who have overcome adversity and realized their goals.


The idea was born from the belief that every woman has the potential to achieve great things and to be the architect of her own story. From scientists to artists, from athletes to businesswomen – it’s the diversity of inspiring figures whose stories can touch the hearts of every young reader.

Inspiration for Action

“Dance of Dreams” tells the stories of girls who have realized their dreams. We want every young reader to find inspiration in them to discover their passions and pursue their dreams.

Each story is a journey through challenges, successes, failures, and intricate paths of life that can change the way you look at yourself and your possibilities. “Dance of Dreams” is a guide for young girls, encouraging them to boldly pursue their dreams and push boundaries.

Breaking Stereotypes

The project focuses on the diversity of women’s achievements in various fields. We want to remove stereotypes and show that women find success in science, sports, art, business, and many other fields.

Practical Life Advice

Each story contains practical life lessons that help young readers deal with difficulties, build self-confidence, and shape their own life paths.

Supporting Self-Development

“Dance of Dreams” is a guide that supports the emotional and intellectual development of young readers. We want this project to be a companion for them in their own journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world.

Creating the Future

“Dance of Dreams” is a tool that encourages the realization of dreams, facing adversity, and consciously shaping one’s destiny.
It is also a manifesto for young girls to turn self-belief into action and create their own unforgettable stories.

How to Write Your Story?

When writing your own story, you can follow the suggestions below, but you can also let your imagination guide you!

The Beginning of the Journey

Talk about the early years of your life, paying attention to passions, interests, and dreams in childhood. Show what challenges and obstacles you faced at the beginning, as well as what support you received from family or teachers.

Obstacles and Challenges

Discuss the difficulties you encountered along your path.
Focus on a specific obstacle that was particularly difficult to overcome.

Determination and Perseverance

Highlight determination and perseverance in pursuing your goal.
Describe the specific steps you took to overcome obstacles, whether through learning, work, or skill development.

Community Support

Highlight the role of community support, mentors, or a group of people who helped you in difficult times. Show the significance of your environment and support from others.

Successes and Achievements

Describe key moments of success you have achieved in your field. Focus on specific achievements, awards, or breakthroughs that were important to you.

Life School

Draw life lessons you have learned from difficult experiences.
Pay attention to the values that guided you on your way to success.

Inspiration for Others

Highlight how your story can be an inspiration to other young girls. Encourage setting goals, pursuing dreams, and pushing boundaries.

Life cycle of the “Dance of Dreams” project

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